Dramatic Full Set

Yes, it’s “DRAMATIC” but naturally dramatic. Unlike it sounds, it is comfortable and weightless. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. I recommend this service for the special events and occasions but if you love dramatic looks, who cares! 

Technician Duration: N/A

Senior Technician Duration: 2hr  45min

Master Technician Duration: 2hr 15min

Some may wonder what’s the difference between the level of technicians. It’s obvious the difference is the time and the amount of service fee we charge. But there are something more than that! 

Find out more from the chart below.

  • Years of experience: years of experience or equivalent skill.
  • Design Lv.1 – Able to duplicate a simple design from the photo. May require higher level technician’s support to customize the design
  • Design Lv.2 – Able to duplicate design from the photo plus fluently creates design that suites customer expectation.
  • Design Lv.3 – Able to create and upgrade the design that perfectly suites customer based on the eye shape and face line that will exceed customer’s expectation.

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