Q & A

Eyelash extensions have continued to be one of the hottest growing trends in the beauty industry, and many consumers are dying to get them! We understand that adding a new beauty service to your routine requires research. To make this easier on our clientele, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about getting eyelash extensions.

Does the application of eyelash extensions hurt?

Eyelash extensions should not cause any discomfort when applied correctly by our trained professionals. Lashes are applied by our  team of professionals who utilize only the best application methods and tools. Most lash artists utilize under-eye gel pads for clients to help prevent any discomfort and also help aid in the application process. This is why it is important to go to a trusted and certified lash artist. Our clients comfort and well being are always top of mind for us. We want you to have the utmost confidence and comfort knowing that our professionally trained lash artists are all 100% all certified; all to help you achieve your desired results. 


Do eyelash extensions look fake?

Eyelash extensions don’t typically look fake unless that is the look you are specifically requesting. Most professional lash artists will give you the look you are wanting to achieve or very similar. You can choose to have shorter natural lashes, large dramatic lashes, or any style you prefer. Our lash customization will help you achieve the look you desire. 


How long do eyelash extensions last?

Most eyelash extension adhesives have a bond time of anywhere from 4-8 weeks. However, they will only last as long as your natural lashes do. Like all hair on the human body, your eyelashes continually grow in stages. It is normal to lose 1-4 natural lashes per day which is why we recommend a fill session every 2-3 weeks.


How much do eyelash extensions cost?

The price depends on the experience and qualification of each lash artist. It’s very common to see different price points for different locations. This means that it may vary from state to state. We recommend calling around and pricing out your lashes with reputable resources for the best experience.


Do eyelash extensions cause damage to my natural lashes?

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. Our certified lash artists will apply the weight- and length- appropriate lash extensions to ensure the integrity of your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions can be damaging if your lash artist does not use the proper techniques. Heavier lashes or clustered lashes (aka pre-made fans) may require a larger amount of adhesive and this can cause your natural lash to break. When selecting your lash artist, ask what application techniques they use and that they are properly trained and certified. This will assist you in maintaining healthy and natural looking lashes that will be a work of art.


Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions?

Absolutely you can! However, we recommend using an oil-free mascara that is safe to use on your lash extensions. This will make it so your mascara does not interfere with the bonding of the eyelash extension adhesive or cause early separation.


Can I wear eye make-up with my eyelash extensions?

You most definitely can wear make-up with your eyelash extensions! When selecting your makeup, it is most beneficial to use lash extension-safe products. Extension-safe makeup is typically oil-free, and usually contains sealers to prolong the retention of your lashes. If you regularly apply make-up, and utilize any sort of make up remover product; we also recommend using a make-up remover that is safe for your lash extensions.