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Eyelash Extensions Before and After - Lash Extension Aftercare


Whether you have short eyelashes or you want to add some volume, eyelash extensions are a great way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

But here’s the thing: They’re an investment. Eyelash extensions take time to apply, and they can cost up to $300, depending on where you get them done, your eye shape, and your lash length.

So, after all that, you’re going to want to take good care of them.

One of the best parts of having eyelash extensions is gazing at your full, fluffy lash line in the mirror after your appointment. But what’s the secret to keeping your lashes looking great? Fully committing to an aftercare routine!

Proper aftercare plays a vital role in the retention of your lash extensions and the overall health of your lashes. You are protecting your investment, both lashes and body!

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Why is aftercare important?

Like any good investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance. If you’re diligent about aftercare, it can:

  • keep your eyelashes clean
  • prevent eye infections
  • keep them looking nice longer
  • save you money, because you won’t need to maintain or replace them as often

If you don’t keep your lashes clean, makeup, oil and debris will accumulate along your lash line. This buildup breaks down the adhesive bond that attaches your lash extensions to your natural lashes. That means poor retention, aka: your extensions will fall off faster than your natural lash shedding cycle and your lash line will have gaps. Lack of proper cleaning can also cause blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), so it’s so important to stay on top of our easy-breezy lash extension aftercare routine.

There are three main reasons you would want to look after them properly:

1. Your lash health. If you regularly do bad things to them as listed below, it can compromise your lash health and slow down the growth of new lashes. Your eyelids can become itchy from the buildup of dead skin if they are not cleaned regularly.

2. They will look better for longer. Eyelash extensions that have been coated in mascara, oily makeup and strip lashes don’t look that great.

3. Infill cost and financial/time factors. If you look after your lashes and retain them well, you won’t need to come in as frequently or for extended infill appointments, which will save you money. Our infills are charged based on the amount of lashes that we have to replace each time.

Eyelash extension aftercare and what it entails

There are a few things you should do to maintain your eyelash extensions.

Don’t get them wet for 48 hours after application

For the first 48 hours after application, avoid taking a shower, washing your eyes, or getting your eyelash extensions wet.

Water can affect the glue, causing the bond to become brittle and easy to break.

Keep them as dry as possible for this period. This means, it’s ideal if you don’t wash your hair during this time to avoid getting the eyelash extensions wet. However, if you need to, use only lukewarm water, and keep water off your eyes. This also includes avoiding steamy environments, very hot showers, spas, saunas etc. for 24 hours as a minimum. If it’s a very hot and humid day, try to stay out of the heat/sweat etc.

After that, wash them regularly

After the first 48 hours, residue will start to build up around the lash line if you don’t wash your extensions. This can lead to eye infections and other eye issues.

Instead, you’re going to want to clean your lash extensions around every 3 days. You can do so by performing the following steps:

  • Brush them with a soft bristle brush.
  • Wash them with a special eyelash extension cleanser(Eyelash Shampoo) or distilled water.
  • Let the water from your shower run down your face and over your eyes. Do not directly shoot highpressured shower water to your eyelash extensions!

Also brush them

Every morning, you’re going to want to brush your eyelash tips to keep them looking good.

It’s best to use a clean, dry spoolie (aka the kind of brush used to apply mascara) and to support your lashes with a clean finger as you brush.

Use caution with products

Avoid alcohol- and oil-based skincare or cosmetic products near or around your eye area. Both oil and alcohol will break down the lash adhesive, causing premature lash fallout. So check your products before using them — especially eye creams and makeup removers. 

Also, If you have a very oily face, try to control this as much as possible with blotting papers, mattifying lotions etc. and by using oil-control moisturizer.

Be careful with makeup

You’ll also want to skip mascara, even the ones that market themselves as “extension-safe.” Waterproof makeup, such as waterproof mascara, can soften the glue on your lash extensions. If you use eyeliner, opt for a water-based, non-waterproof version — and be gentle when you remove your makeup at the end of the night.

Rubbing your eyes isn’t good for your extensions. It could damage them and your real lashes.

Powdery eyeshadow might not be a great idea either, as the powder can get stuck in the glue and build up over time.

Things you shouldn't do after getting lash extension 

Don’t pick at them

Your extensions will feel weird at first, but after a couple days, you should feel more comfortable with them.

But no matter how weird they feel, don’t pick at them or try to remove them yourself.  If you are a picker, it can really damage your natural lashes. When you pick, you might end up tearing or breaking your real lashes.

Sleep on your stomach or side

If you sleep on your stomach or your side, you might crush your lashes, making them last a shorter period of time.

If you sleep on your back instead, they’ll last longer.

Avoid clustering lashes

Cluster lashes are three hairs glued together to give your lashes a more voluminous look, but they’re also heavier — which means they pull on your natural lashes. This can damage your natural lashes over time.

Don’t use eyelash curlers

Using eyelash curlers of any kind on your eyelash extensions can damage them or pull them out. Curlers and eyelash extensions don’t see eye to eye! 

We can make them more curled at infills if you want to change anything.

Don’t put strip lashes on top of them 

Avoid doing this unless you are prepared to lose a few of your own lashes when you try to take them off and work like a surgeon to get them off gently!

Be careful around fire

Don’t try to light a cigarette on your toaster or stove-top (good life advice generally.. – but will also stop your lashes getting singed and frazzled on the ends!)

When to take out the lash extensions and get them done again

Lash extensions usually last about 3 to 4 weeks, but they can last 6 to 8 weeks if you take care of them.

You can get them taken out early if you want, but make sure a professional does it. Otherwise, they’ll fall out on their own.

Experiences considered normal after getting lash extensions 

  • Immediately after the lash application, some individuals with sensitivities can experience minor redness and dry eyes. We try to minimize this where possible, so we will ask if you are sensitive beforehand. In most cases, this disappears within an hour or so and there’s no need to worry. Of course, call us if you are concerned.
  • It’s normal to lose a couple of lashes every day (1-5). Don’t be alarmed if you notice them from time to time (as they are much larger than your natural lashes so you notice them!). The extension falls out attached to the natural lash when it is ready to come out, and a new baby lash takes its place. Some days you won’t lose any, other days you might lose 3 or 4. It’s completely normal and does not mean your eyelashes are all going to fall out!
  • Some lash growth cycles are faster than others. You may find every few months, your lashes shed faster than other times. It usually means that you have a lot of new growth, and when you come in we will see a lot more lashes we can lash! Other times they might still look great at 4 or 5 weeks, as they have not shed much.
  • No two sets of lashes are identical. We customize the styling, sizes, weights and curls to every individual’s eye shape, natural lash condition and tastes. Each style looks different depending on your own eye shape. So please be aware that your lashes will not look identical to your friends, even if you request the exact same thing.
  • Expect between 2 – 4 weeks before you need an infill. On average, our clients come back every 3 weeks. Sets consisting of more lashes (glam and volume) will usually last longer than those will less (full, lite). Shorter lashes usually last longer too.

Experiences NOT considered normal after getting lash extensions  

  • Experiencing intense itching and or red/swollen eyelids in the first few days after the application. This could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, these are largely unavoidable – but luckily they are rare, and can be treated. Please contact us if you are worried at all about this.
  • A streak of red towards the bottom part of your eye in the first few days can signify that you have had a reaction/sensitivity to the under-eye pads that we use. This is uncommon, but nothing to be overly concerned about. Please let us know, and see your pharmacist for advice. Usually it will resolve within a few days. We can adjust treatments in future to use a different pad/tape method for you.
  • Excessive shedding of extensions off the natural lashes in the first few days. This is uncommon – but please contact us if you feel they are shedding rapidly within the first 3 days of application so we can troubleshoot and/or assess your lashes.
  • If (after wearing extensions for a while) you find your eyes sometimes feel gritty and sandy – this can mean that you really need to clean your lashes more frequently/properly. Your stylist can assess your lash line and give advice on the best way to clean your lashes. Normally, every day cleaning with a lash wash will resolve this issue.


Eyelash extensions can make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. But to make them truly last, you’ll need to take care of them. You can keep them in longer by brushing your extensions daily, cleaning them every 3 days, and avoiding things that could make them fall out sooner or damage your natural lashes — saving you both money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't Cleaning my lash extensions make them fall faster?

No! Properly cleaning your lashes protects your eyelids from blepharitis and premature lash fallout. If not cleaned regularly, makeup and debris will build up on your lash line, weakening the adhesive bond between your extensions and your natural lashes, causing them to fall out faster.

Can I use Micellar water on my eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend using micellar water on your extensions due to it commonly containing glycol, which will break the adhesive down and result in poor retention. It is safer and better to opt for a lash extension-friendly makeup remover.

Can I use mascara on my eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can, but most guests discover they don’t need it with lash extensions! If you wish to add a little extra drama to your lash line, be sure to use a lash extension-friendly mascara to avoid damage and premature lash fallout.

What do you put on after lash extensions?

Make sure you are using oil-free products on your face, particularly eye makeup removers and cleansers. We recommend LashGame's Eyelash extension safe aftercare range. Clean them properly, at least a few times a week with a lash cleanser.

What does Vaseline do to lash extensions?

Although not safe, vaseline and natural oils like coconut and oil can be used to break up the lash adhesive bonds and gently remove lash extensions at home. However, we do not recommend it as it could also lead to infections and damage to the natural lash.

How long does it take for lashes to recover after being damaged from lash extensions?

Poor application of eyelash extensions can cause damage & short stubby lashes. Stickies are a common mistake from the lash tech where 2 or more lashes are glued together. Eyelashes grow back in 9 to 12 weeks after being damaged from lash extensions.

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