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Lash Guide

Our proficient technicians cleanse and prep your lashes, skillfully affix individual extensions, and meticulously enhance the appearance through precise styling. Achieve stunning lash extensions that enhance your natural beauty.


Lash Extension Basics

Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers affixed to your natural lashes, resulting in increased length, volume, and deeper color.


Customized Design

Rely on our skilled experts to assist you in selecting the ideal lash design that complements your face, eyebrows, and eye shape. Whether you desire a natural, cat-eye, or wispy appearance, we've got you covered.


Full Set and Fill-in

Begin with a complete set of high-quality lashes to cover your lash line. To keep them looking fabulous and full, arrange routine fill-in sessions every two to three weeks. These appointments replace lost lashes and uphold the stunning appearance of your lash line. During a fill-in, fresh extensions are added to new lash growth, giving you a renewed and impeccable look.