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After care

After care

Lash Guide

Maintaining your lash extensions correctly is crucial for their optimal appearance. By adhering to these three easy steps, you can guarantee the durability and allure of your lash extensions. Handle them delicately, steer clear of specific products and actions, and stay committed to maintenance appointments to revel in a gorgeous and enduring lash appearance.


Gentle Care

Refrain from rubbing or tugging at your lash extensions. Instead, softly clean them using a cleanser suitable for lashes and a gentle brush or sponge.


Preserve the Look

For the initial 24 hours after application, steer clear of prolonged heat, steam, and water exposure. Also, abstain from using oil-based items or mascara on your lash extensions at all time.



Plan consistent touch-up appointments every two to three weeks to sustain the volume and lifespan of your lash extensions. This practice guarantees the replacement of any lost or overgrown lashes, preserving the stunning appearance of your lash line.