La La Lash

Salon Policy

New Client

We ask that new clients arrive 15 minutes prior to their service to fill out the necessary paperwork and get settled. If you do not arrive 15 minutes before your service, the time it takes to fill out paperwork will be deducted from your total service time. Please keep in mind our lash specialists may have other appointments after yours. We will always do our best to accommodate you.

Transferring Client

We welcome transferring clients who have existing lashes done from a different salon! Find the right fill-in service under the transferring client category and book an appointment with us! Keep in mind, there is a separate menu for transferring clients for fill-in services and it includes extra transferring fee in order for us to take on the foreign, existing work.  Here at LA LA LASH, we specialize in individual  extensions. Therefore if a transferring client comes in with a different method or type of lashes other than individuals, they may not be qualified to book a transferring service. In that case, they must notify us in advance in order to book a lash removal and full set instead of a  fill in service. Call us for any questions & more detail.


We accept online bookings with a non-refundable $20 deposit for all services. If you wish to book a service through the phone, we may request you to provide your credit card information. If you are not comfortable with providing your credit card information over the phone, we will send you a link where you can book the service online. We strongly suggest pre-booking any fills after your service before leaving the salon to ensure you are able to get an appointment at the time and date needed so that you avoid any additional fees for retention loss/grown out lashes.


If you are running late to an appointment we ask that you call us to let us know, otherwise we will assume you will not be showing up and may cancel the appointment. If you are less than 15 minutes late we will try our best to make your lashes as full as possible in the time allotted. You will still be charged full price. If you are more than 15 minutes late we will try our best to accommodate you but reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if we are unable to. Please keep in mind we will always do our best to accommodate your session. In case of rescheduling.


We accept all rescheduling requests without any penalty as long as the request is properly made 12 hours prior to your scheduled session. However, in case you wish to reschedule your session after the 12 hours window, we will require a  new deposit to confirm your appointment


Here at LA LA LASH we understand unforeseen events happen and you may need to cancel an appointment. We ask that you give us a 24 hours notice prior to your appointment, so we can adjust our schedule to accommodate other clients and inform our service provider . In the event 24 hours notice is not given, we will require a new deposit to reschedule or discount your deposit to cancel your appointment.

No Show

We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations. However, when you do not call to cancel an appointment, you may be preventing another client and technician from using the time spot. If an appointment is not cancelled prior to service start time, you will be automatically charged with 50% of booked service.


Please thoroughly remove all makeup before coming to your lash session. Eyes must be clean and oil free upon arrival otherwise we will politely ask you to remove your makeup at our wash station. If your eyes are not clean enough, we are unable to properly adhere semi-permanent lash extensions on lashes that have makeup/residue buildup and in more serious cases, it can lead to irritation and infection.

Cell Phone

We ask that all cell phones be turned off or on silent in the treatment rooms. If you are receiving a lash session we ask that you do not open your eyes to check devices until after your session is complete being that our lash specialists are using tweezers, adhesive and other items near the delicate eye area and this takes time away from your service and may irritate eyes during and/or after your session.


If more than 50% of your lashes are detached or grown out it will be considered a new full set of lashes.

- 2 Week Fills(8th – 14th days): No more than 40% loss of initial set

- 3 Week Fills(15th – 21st days)-: No more than 50% loss of initial set

- 4+ Week(22nd days+): You will need a new full set of lashes. Even if you have lash retention, lashes need maintenance at least once a month to ensure your lashes are happy and healthy. We must remove lashes that are grown out.

72 Hour Guarantee

LA LA LASH guarantees quality service and output to all clients. We will correct any issues, free of charge, within the first 72 hours of the service. Please notify us via call or text and return within the first 72 hours during the business hours. Anything after the 72 hours is considered a touch up or a 1 week fill in.


Please, no children in the treatment rooms. Eyelash extensions take a lot of concentration and we ask that there are no distractions in the room. Please have a care provider accompany children under 12 in the lobby, unfortunately we are unable to watch children for you and will not be held responsible. We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule an appointment in the event children are present and unsupervised in which case our cancellation policy may take effect.


LA LA LASH promises the best lash quality in GA and we will do our best to satisfy customer’s needs. However we will not be held responsible for any procedure related discomfort, dissatisfaction or allergic reactions.

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