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Eyelash Extensions Cost: How much Are Lash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are a great investment if you’re always on the go or if you just want to look glamorous the moment you wake up.

But how much do eyelash extensions cost?

If it’s going to be your first time getting the lashes, you may be wondering about the cost of eyelash extensions.

But there are lots of factors that affect the cost of service, like lash style, where you’re getting the procedure, and more.

Don’t worry though; here’s all you need to know about lash services costs!

What Affects Lash Prices?

There are multiple factors that would determine how much lashes are going to cost you. Just a reminder: there’s no definite cost for eyelash extensions.

If you’re wondering how a salon figures out the price of your procedure, here are some things you need to consider:

Lash style

Eyelash extensions are not just about adding length and volume; they’re an art form with a variety of styles that can dramatically transform your look. From almond and round to monolid and hooded, each eye shape has a corresponding lash extension style that enhances its natural beauty.

Lash style affects the total price. This is because the number of lash strands and the duration of the procedure would be what the stylists refer to when you ask for the cost.

Expect that each eyelash costs around $1 to $2.

The kind of lash material used

You need to know what lash material you want because not only will this affect the cost of the extensions you’re getting; the material also has its own pros and cons.

In a nutshell, synthetic lashes are the cheapest out of all the materials you can get. Silk lashes and faux mink lashes are priced about the same, while mink is considered the high-end or luxury type of lashes, since they’re the most expensive.

The Pros and Cons of the various lash materials used 

Here’s a mini rundown on what the pros and cons are and why you should (or shouldn’t!) get them.

Synthetic lashes

Want dramatic lashes? This is the way to go. Out of the three options we list here, this is the glossiest and the thickest type. Made from acrylic material, synthetic lashes are the cheapest and sturdiest lash extensions that you can get.

While it’s great for glam looks, this may not be great for you if you like natural-looking extensions. Besides the fact that it’s a little shiny, the thickness can actually damage your natural lashes, so it’s not recommended for long-term use.

Silk lashes

These last even longer than the previous material. They’re a bit more expensive than synthetic lashes but cheaper than mink. They are a better choice for people who prefer natural-looking extensions as well. 

If you have fine natural lashes that are prone to damage, you may want to choose silk lashes instead. Being lightweight, the material in silk lashes causes less breakage.

Mink lashes 

Real mink lashes are the most natural-looking, but since they’re made from fur, you might get some allergic reaction if you’re sensitive. Since they’re made from raw materials, they’re the most expensive kind. Requesting a full set of real mink extensions cost around $500, which means lashes with this material are the most expensive in comparison to silk and synthetic lashes.

Though a lot of people swear by it, some people think that it’s too natural-looking, which means there won’t be a lot of noticeable changes to your look after the procedure. So if you like an “au naturel” look with just a little flourish, this might be the one for you.

However, if you want to get that look but want the vegan and cheaper option, faux mink lashes have been growing super popular since they’re designed to be as fluffy and lightweight as the real ones. Plus, their curls last longer and you don’t have to be super careful about them getting wet. An added benefit is its cost, which is priced about the same as silk lashes, depending on which salon you’re getting the procedure. 

Maintenance of Lash Extensions 

Extension removal and cleaning of buildup from lashes will be an added cost to your bill so they’re important to consider as well. The major maintenance cost comes from fill-in service to maintain the look every 2-3 weeks.

Location of the Salon

Expect that if you live in big cities, the price would be a little expensive, so we recommend doing some research on local salons. If you live in smaller towns though, you can get your lashes done for way cheaper. Just remember that you still need to tip your artist!

Reputation of the Salon

Lastly, you may already know that which salon you’re getting your lashes done at will affect the cost of the procedure.

If you’re getting them done at a high-end salon that offers extra pampering and luxurious equipment and materials, you should expect to pay more. But make sure you research before getting an appointment so you know you’ll be having a great experience.

Different Lash Extension Services and their average cost 

As we said, it mainly depends on the lash style. Here are today’s average costs of eyelash extensions:

Classic Full Set Eyelash Extension Prices

This lash extension is the most natural-looking and most common eyelash extension loved by many. Classic lashes are applied in a 1:1 ratio, which means that one lash extension is attached to 1 natural lash. Classic eyelash extensions are ideal if you want to add more length and if you have many natural lashes.

A classic full set usually lasts for 1.30 hours, and the stylist will be applying 80-120 lashes, depending on your natural lashes.

This procedure costs an average of $160.

Volume Full Set Eyelash Extension Prices 

Russian volume lashes are a popular and innovative lash extension technique that originated in Russia. These extensions involve crafting manual lash fans from two to five thin mink lashes. It uses the same synthetic fibers as classic mink lashes, so they possess feather-light qualities. 

The lashes used in long Russian volume lashes are much thinner than the natural lashes, ranging from 0.03 to 0.07 mm. This allows lash artists to safely apply multiple extensions without causing any damage or strain to the natural lashes. This creates a mesmerizing fullness, stunning volume, and intense lash line darkness that can captivate anyone!

Volume full sets are priced at an average of $230.

Hybrid Full Set Eyelash Extension Prices

A hybrid eyelash extension is a combination of classic and volume lash extensions. It is a mixture of two lash techniques: 30% of classic lash extensions and 70% of volume lash extensions. The classic lash extensions are utilized to add length and split up the linear, uniform look, while the Russian volume fans make your eyelashes fuller-looking. It’s perfect if you want just the right amount of drama on your lashes.

They usually cost around $200.

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Cost of Additional Lash Extension Services

Lash Baths

Sometimes dirt, makeup, and natural oils build up on your extensions, causing them to fall out faster. 

Salons offer lash baths to avoid this, and this usually costs around $10 to $20. If you want to do it at home, look for a lash cleanser to avoid any damage.

Lash Removals

If you want to remove your extensions you have to be careful not to damage your natural lashes.

But if you want a professional to do that safely, it costs an average of $20 to $30.


If you’re planning to get eyelash extensions long-term, you shouldn’t wait until every single lash has fallen out before scheduling another appointment. 

Salons advise getting refills every 2 to 3 weeks or when around 40% of your extensions have fallen out.

This procedure would cost you around $75-$95. 

Bottom Eyelash Extensions Price

Bottom lash extensions usually cost $50 to $100.

It’s great to consider getting them because they can add volume and drama to your look, without looking overdone. A word of caution though: they usually fall out in about 14 days.

Alternatives to Eyelash Extensions

If lash extensions are too expensive or a bit hard to maintain for you, there are lots of alternatives that you can get, and achieve the same look. Although they won’t last as long or look as natural as eyelash extensions, falsies or fake eyelashes are great if you just need to have glammed-up eyes for one event. They’re cheaper and easier to maintain as well.

Eyelash curlers are also a great short-term alternative to extensions. This is great for people with sensitive eyes who can’t handle the adhesives used in eyelash extensions. However, do be careful with eyelash curlers. If you use them wrongly, you might end up with sparse lashes because of all the pulling or pinching.

If you want to avoid this problem, you should check out heated lashes instead. This is most suitable for extremely straight lashes, even the most stubborn ones! 

They’re basically curling irons you can use for your lashes. It’s gently heated (to a safe temperature) and gives your lashes a dramatic look that can last up to 24 hours.

Lastly, if you want a more long-term alternative, then keratin lash lifts might be for you. 

Keratin lash lift is the latest trend in the beauty industry. It is a semi-permanent, low-maintenance procedure. This enhances your natural lashes’ look without the need to deal with curling them or applying falsies daily. Keratin eyelash treatment is like a beefed-up mascara treat for your eyelashes. The procedure makes your eyelashes permed, curled, and tinted from the root to tips in less than 2 hours. They last up to 6 to 8 weeks and look more natural than lash extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It? 

They’re definitely worth the investment if you want to look gorgeous 24/7 without any effort. The time and energy you spend on putting and removing your makeup can be spent on more important things. 

How Long Can I Go Without a Fill?

An average person loses 2 to 5 lashes a day, so by 2 to 3 weeks, about 40% of your extensions would have naturally fallen out. It’s recommended to get a refill at around that time to avoid obviously sparse areas.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

Breakages are usually caused by stylists who don’t know and don’t follow the proper procedures of applying extensions. So as long as you look for a stylist who has good reviews, you can rest assured that extensions won’t cause any problems.

Can you get permanent eyelashes?

Eyelash transplantation can be used to permanently enhance the length, density, thickness and beauty of the eye area. 

Eyelash transplant surgery may seem frightening at first. However, experts explain that this form of hair restoration surgery offers longer, natural, and more permanent lashes. Just like eyebrow transplantation, eyelash transplants need to be groomed–that means curling, trimming, maybe tinting or even perming–in order to achieve the ultimate in eyelash beauty.

How long do eyelash extensions last for?

Extensions will shed with your natural hair growth cycle, which is typically every six to eight weeks. Refills are a great way to extend the life of your lashes and are recommended every two to three weeks. However, since everyone's eyelashes and eyelash goals are different and therefore require different levels and kinds of regular maintenance, having a strong and open sense of communication with your lash technician is key.

Do eyelashes grow back after fake lashes?

Lash extensions are fibers that are glued onto the natural eyelashes to create a thicker, longer eyelash. However, lash extensions can damage or rip the natural lashes. If natural eyelashes are lost due to lash extensions, they typically grow back in a few months.

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